All Hands: The Original Deck

By Editorship

Editorship is a creative training academy designed for professionals of all skill levels. The academy provides online and offline courses led by experienced storytellers.



Editorship’s All Hands is a carefully curated ideation tool for storytellers of all disciplines. Regularly updated with empowering questions, All Hands breaks the boundaries of brainstorming with a creative, inspiring and solutions-driven focus. Perfect for the genius solo professional or a behemoth-sized team. Generate brilliant ideas at every turn today.

How to use

  1. Align to a specific problem
    Focus on one specific creative problem.
    Example: How to tell a better brand story?
  2. Apply an All Hands turn
    Click “New Turn” to reveal a random question.
  3. Achieve brainstorming breakthroughs
    Answer the question as a team or an individual.

What you’ll get

  • 10 brainstorming questions
  • Accompanying anecdotes
  • Apply anywhere and at anytime
  • Best for individuals or teams

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