All Hands: Creative Writing Deck

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For creative writers looking for a catalyst to spark new ideas, take advantage of this brainstorming tool for inspiration. Regularly updated with over 40 powerful questions, take your story to the next level. Editorship’s All Hands is a carefully curated ideation tool for storytellers of all disciplines. All Hands breaks the boundaries of brainstorming with a creative, inspiring and solutions-driven focus. Perfect for the genius solo professional or a behemoth-sized team. Generate brilliant ideas at every turn today.

How to use

  1. Align to a specific problem
    Focus on one specific creative problem. Example: How to outline a story for a novel.
  2. Apply an All Hands turn
    Click “New Turn” to reveal a random question.
  3. Achieve brainstorming breakthroughs
    Answer the question as a team or an individual. Try the Original Deck for free!

What you’ll get

  • Over 40 powerful questions
  • Accompanying anecdotes
  • Apply anywhere and at anytime
  • Best for individuals or teams

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