How to Be a Successful Freelancer

By Zul Andra

Principal of Editorship, award-winning writer and editor

Zul Andra is an award-winning writer and editor. His tenure as Editor-in-chief of Esquire Singapore from 2014 to 2018 saw his team bag over 30 local and regional awards. With over a decade of experience in the media industry, Zul has been published in a dozen publications including South China Morning Post and Today to name a few. In January 2018, he founded Zul Andra & Partners to develop original creative content at the heart of storytelling.



Before taking on the role as Editor-in-chief of Esquire in 2014, Zul Andra built his media career as an independent writer for nearly a decade. From launching a music blog to running three personal columns and writing for over a dozen publications, Zul created opportunities when there was none. This quickfire how-to series is not something you’ll find in schools and is gained from experience.

Who should learn

This how-to series is ideal for freelancers, professionals and career-switchers. Learn about the philosophy, strategy and tools to build a successful freelance career. Gain insights on how to price your work, leverage your expertise and prepare for challenges.

What you’ll learn

  • Zero in on what you're good at
  • One rule you must never break to succeed
  • Two is a dilemma, three is an option
  • Three balls of pricing, catch two
  • Four levels of competence
  • Five revenue sources to tap into
  • Six degress of success
  • Seven habits of highlt ineffective people
  • Eight books you need to read right now
  • Nine out of ten is better than perfection
  • Ten tools you'll need forever

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